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Whether you are a small or medium-sized leisure operator or a franchise chain, our learning platform is intelligently built for all types of organizations and employee learning styles.

Our learning system is built on Absorb LMS, a scalable, easy-to-manage learning platform tailor-made for your company’s learning and development needs. Flexible learning solutions are designed to create deeper learning experiences so your team can thrive and grow.

Engage, fascinate and inspire employees

A learning platform that is extremely suitable for training employees in (professional) practice. Smartly designed based on desired job levels, in line with tasks and responsibilities with individual learning paths to be able to function as an all-round leisure employee within a few months.

From onboarding to task-oriented modules for working in the reception (entrance & cash register), catering (bar/kitchen) or supervising sports, games or entertainment activities, where hospitality and service orientation are the key to success. With the online learning platform you enable employees to grow personally and professionally in the company. By combining online training and simple practical assessments, every employee gets a boost. If you increase your flexibility, this will not only give you more pleasure in your work, but it will also ensure a longer bond with the company.

Our Services

We can support you with multiple services ranging from analysing your exisiting learning & training programs, coaching and advising on improving personalized learning paths for your employees, creating interactive learning content also in combination with audio-visual production. We combine our academic and didactical expertise in creating customized learning programs.

We can host your training program in our learning management system Pique LMS, a flexible and intelligent software system that we can fully tailor to your needs and brand style. Complementairy services are related to technical and administrative support. Of course we can provide Train-the-Trainer or Train-the-Manager courses to help you set-up your internal training team.

Latest Projects

24Indoor | Monkey Town
“24Indoor is a Netherlands-based company that manages and invests in indoor leisure centers in the European indoor leisure market. We advised and created the Monkey Town Academy, an online platform for all employees with a clear onboarding program and individual learning paths for practical professional in-company development towards the level of senior allrounder.”

Orange Sports Forum – OSF Academy
Holland Sports & Industry is a network platform promoting over 3000 Dutch companies, organisations and institutions involved in Dutch sports and events. It encompasses ʻhardware’ (infrastructure, accommodation, goods, etc.), but also ʻsoftware’ (training, coaching, education, marketing, etc.). One of the most important roles is to map opportunities and create a platform on which Dutch companies and institutions can engage with potential clients and new markets.”

The OSF Academy is developed with 10 OSF members. The goals of the Academy is to educated companies and employees in the sports and events sector and shrea knowledge and expertise between all OSF members. An easy access platform is created so that employees can be stimulated in a positive way to life long learning and ongoing training. The platform was created by Technicom. Pique Consultancy provided didactical expertise and reviewed the developed courses.

Orange Sports Forum – Leisure Alliance Academy
“A folluw-up of the OSF Academy is a new collaborations between 8-10 OSF members that will develop new e-learning modules with a strong focus on developing staff members in mid-level positions as sport stewards, hospitility stewards and event managers with the goal to increase employability in the regional labor market.” We execute a quick scan into the learning needs of the partners and their employees, stimulate co-creation between partners in content development and delivery. The created e-learnings will

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